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Hand Function PDF

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Hand Function PDF
Author Anne Henderson PhD OTR
File size 18.6 MB
Year 2005
Pages 496
Language English
File format PDF
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Book Description

This comprehensive resource and clinical guide for students and practicing pediatric therapists features current information on the neurological foundations of hand skills the development of hand skills and intervention with children who have problems related to hand skills.

  • Covers foundation and development of hand skills therapeutic intervention and special problems and approaches.
  • Is readable concise and well-organized with a consistent format throughout.
  • Integrates recent research findings and current thinking throughout the text.
  • Emphasizes neuroscience and the hand’s sensory function and haptic perception.
  • Applies neuroscience and development frames of reference throughout.
  • Implications for practice included in each chapter.
  • Presents concepts in the foundation/development chapters that are linked with the intervention chapters.
  • Seven new chapters reflect current practice in the field and cover cognition & motor skills handedness fine-motor program for preschoolers handwriting evaluation splinting the upper extremity of the child pediatric hand therapy and efficacy of interventions.
  • Extensively revised content throughout includes new research and theories new techniques current trends and new information sources.
  • 9 new contributors offer authoritative guidance in the field.
  • Over 200 new illustrations demonstrate important concepts with new clinical photographs and line drawings.
  • Over 50 new tables and boxes highlight important information.
  • An updated and expanded glossary defines key terms.

Hand Function PDF Hand Function PDF Free Download Hand Function PDF Ebook