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Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis 4th Edition PDF

Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis 4th Edition PDF Free Download

Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis 4th Edition PDF Free Download
Approximately 400,000 individuals in the United States and two million people worldwide have multiple sclerosis. Up until 1993, no drugs were available to alter the course of this often debilitating disease. Much has changed since that time. Over the last decade, six drugs have been approved in the United States for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and, fortunately, more are on the horizon. Although not curative, these drugs decrease the frequency and, in some instances, the severity of acute attacks, slow the rate of neurological deterioration, at least for the short term, and diminish the number of new lesions seen on magnetic resonance imaging studies. For the first time, patients can look forward to at least partial control of their illness and the likelihood that newer and better drugs will be available in the near future. Despite this progress, many questions still remain to be answered. Fundamental issues such as determining the cause of multiple sclerosis, defining the precise mechanism of tissue injury, and understanding ways to promote regeneration of myelin and axons need to be resolved before multiple sclerosis can be controlled or cured and, hopefully, a patient’s neurological disability can be reversed.

Advances in molecular biology, genetics, chip technology, proteinomics, nanotechnology, informatics, neuroimaging, and the availability of patient databases have provided the necessary tools for resolving these issues in a timely fashion. The fourth edition of the Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis updates the reader as to current knowledge about basic and clinical aspects of multiple sclerosis, therapeutic advances, and prospects for future research directives. As with previous editions, the fourth edition is meant to be a comprehensive reference book for practitioners, scientists, students, and patients and their families. I am very grateful to the contributors, who are world leaders in multiple sclerosis research and treatments.

Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis 4th Edition PDF Free Download, Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis 4th Edition PDF Ebook Free