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Handbook of Oncology Nursing 3rd Edition PDF

Handbook of Oncology Nursing 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Handbook of Oncology Nursing 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

In the four years that have elapsed since the publication of the 2”dedi- tion of the Handbook of Oncology Nursing, we have been reminded on many occasions of the utility of this book, both professionally and person- ally. Our colleagues frequently tell us of the use they make of it, and we too have referred to it in the course of our work. As one of the contributors has said, “. . . it is a standard, and so many nurses rely on it. . .’, Both of us have had recourse to its pages on several occasions over the past year: BLJ, whose father remains chronically ill, and JG, in caring for her father who died in May 1997 of metastatic colon cancer.
While the majority of the material will be familiar to readers of the previous two editions, we have included in this edition a chapter on fa- tigue, and new content throughout related to spirituality and quality of life. The chapter on bone marrow transplantation has been expanded to cover peripheral stem cell transplantation, and the section on radiation therapy includes expanded information about both internal and external radiation therapy techniques. All other chapters have been updated with relevant current information. We continue to envision this book as an aid to the nurse at the bed- side, wherever that may be in our changing healthcare environment: the hospital, outpatient clinic, physician office, extended care facility, home, or hospice.

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