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Handbook of Toxicology 3rd Edition PDF

Handbook of Toxicology 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Handbook of Toxicology 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Nearly 20 years have passed since the first edition of the Handbook of Toxicology was published. The purpose of the first edition was to provide information in a consolidated reference source that could not always be easily found and retrieved at that time. The World Wide Web was in its infancy and of little value then. When the second edition went to press, Google had been founded just a few years before and the Internet was becoming more widely used for seeking out the type of information presented in the handbook. Today, the Internet has become a valuable resource to the point that we initially questioned the necessity of a third edition paper reference book. However, many encouraged us to proceed with this edition as they still find a book of this type to be useful for quickly locating information that otherwise requires one to delve through many Internet search “hits” that may be outdated or not relevant. We found this to be the case when conducting searches for various topics to update items from the second edition of the handbook. It is often difficult to determine if information is current or even reliable on the Internet. While new or updated information can be found in any Internet search, one needs to sort through a significant amount of older material that never seems to disappear, making locating pertinent information an increasingly difficult task.

Perhaps the pendulum has begun to swing the other way with regard to Internet information retrieval. Nonetheless, the Internet provides a valuable source, especially with regard to frequently changing regulatory requirements. There are some types of information such as ranges for physiological parameters that maintain their usefulness for many years. Other information such as regulatory guidelines is often updated and modified, in some cases so frequently that it is outdated before the drafts of these books make it to print. In this regard, some information from the earlier editions of the handbook has been reprinted unchanged, other information has been updated where possible, and information that generally changes too frequently to be relevant for a reference book of this type has been removed. In some cases, we have provided updated material for regulatory and other information that tends to change less frequently and have retained older, possibly outdated material (e.g., hazard classifications) for historical purposes to provide the reader with a source of information that may be needed to understand and interpret older reports and publications and to allow comparison with current practices. As always, the reader is advised to verify that any information provided in this handbook is still relevant for his or her current situation and needs.

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