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Headache 1st Edition PDF

Headache 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Headache 1st Edition PDF Free Download

The practice of clinical neurology has changed remarkably over the last 25 years, transforming from a diagnosis-oriented specialty into a discipline with many dynamic therapeutic opportunities. The subspecialty of headache medicine exemplifi es this transformation as insights from genetics, imaging, and animal models have supported the development of specifi c treatments for migraine and other headache disorders. As a consequence, clinicians have an unparalleled opportunity to relieve pain, restore function, and improve quality of life for our patients. Headache is such an extraordinarily common complaint encountered in medical settings, having the unusual duality of often being both intimidating and disregarded. In some patients, headaches may be an infrequent nuisance, which responds well to over-the-counter medications. In others, headaches may occur on a daily basis and completely disrupt educational, occupational, and social function, despite treatment. Diagnosis is complicated by the hundreds of different etiologies, both benign and life-threatening, that give rise to headache. In this volume, we present a practical overview of headache disorders, designed to address the needs of both neurologists and general practitioners alike. Our authors include both research experts from the laboratory and practitioners who are “in the trenches.”

In the first section, we review the principles of headache medicine by focusing on the classifi cation and diagnostic approach of both primary and secondary headache disorders. The second section features a comprehensive, multifaceted appraisal of migraine, the most common headache disorder that presents to medical attention. Tension-type headache is the focus of the third section, a disorder that is usually quite benign although enigmatic, but in some patients can require signifi cant multidisciplinary treatment. We then present the trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias, which while uncommon are the most distinctive group of headache disorders and require some expertise in diagnosis and treatment. In the fi fth section, we review uncommon and unusual primary headache disorders, including new daily persistent headache and hemicrania continua. We conclude by detailing the approach to managing headache disorders in specifi c populations, including women, children, and the elderly. Numerous volumes addressing headache have been published previously. The goal of this work is to present a crisp, practical approach to headache disorders that has been written by a diverse group of experienced clinicians and scientists. We hope our approach resonates with both trainees, newly credentialed practitioners, and experienced clinicians in the many medical fi elds where headache is encountered.

Headache 1st Edition PDF Free Download, Headache 1st Edition PDF Ebook Free