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Headache A Practical Manual PDF

Headache A Practical Manual PDF Free Download

Headache A Practical Manual PDF Free Download

Headache is a global problem and the needs of sufferers go largely unmet. The World Health Organization puts migraine in the top twenty diseases in terms of disability adjusted life years. Headache causes considerable economic and social impact to both sufferers and families. Current UK policy offers opportunities for the development of headache services focussed in primary care.

The book offers a concise overview of the diagnosis and treatment of headache conditions and is relevant for the practitioner at any level from neurologists to general practitioner. It will also be relevant for a wide range of other practitioners such as nurses and physiotherapists who are involved in the management of headache. It is written by members of the British Association for the Study of Headache (BASH) and jointly edited by a general practitioner and a consultant neurologist who has a specific interest in headache.

Headache: A Practical Manuual provides easily accessible evidence-based information in handbook format. It has been developed with specific links to BASH guidelines and policies for patient management, and chapters have been co-authored by BASH experts. It includes evidence-based treatments both pharmacological and non-pharmacological.

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  • Headache A Practical Manual PDF
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