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Heal Your Gut Change Your Life PDF

Heal Your Gut Change Your Life PDF Free Download

Heal Your Gut Change Your Life PDF Free Download

Wanting to start or continue on the GAPS diet but finding it too complicated, too long-winded or just a bit dull? Increase your chances of GAPS success tenfold with this invaluable guide to the GAPS diet containing easy to follow and delicious recipes.

Are you thinking of starting the GAPS diet but finding it all a bit daunting? Already started the GAPS diet but found the restrictions of the diet too difficult to follow or just downright tasteless?

Author Andre Parker has a very personal understanding of the difficulty of dealing with digestive health issues and following the GAPS diet. Just over six years ago, he was struggling with a long list of digestive health issues when he discovered the GAPS diet, which changed his life forever and completely turned his health around.

Andre Parker has coupled his love of cooking with the knowledge and experience he gained on his own GAPS journey in order to produce this user-friendly cookbook, Heal Your Gut, Change Your Life.

He developed this cookbook for people like him – people balancing a busy life with a sensitive digestive system. His aim is to make the GAPS diet simpler and easier to follow whilst following the strict rules that make this diet work wonders. His no-nonsense guide explains the diet in layman’s terms and his range of delicious and gut-healing recipes will soon have you on the road to GAPS success!

The guide and recipes will take you through each stage of the GAPS diet step-by-step, leading you by the hand through every gut-healing change to a much healthier version of yourself on the other side of the GAPS diet.  

This book includes:

– Advice on starting out on the GAPS diet, including how to get your kitchen prepared and stocked to give you the best chances of success

– 50 recipes organised chronologically, from Stage 1 through to Full GAPS. Work your way through the recipes as you work your way through the GAPS diet.

– A wide range of recipes – from stock and homemade yogurt to almond bread and meatballs!

– Everyday recipes with ingredients found in your local grocery store

– A clear layout with just one recipe set out on each page and easy-to-follow directions

– Helpful extras – a glossary of ingredients, a list of staple pantry items and a checklist of kitchen equipment required

Heal Your Gut, Change Your Life is the very first book in Andre Parker’s successful Heal Your Gut cookbook series. 

If you want to be inspired to start or continue on your GAPS journey with a motivating guide and cookbook that simplifies the process but conforms to the GAPS principles, Andre Parker’s Heal Your Gut, Change Your Life is exactly what you have been looking for!

Buy Heal Your Gut, Change Your Life today and allow it to do exactly that – help you to heal your gut and change your life!

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