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Health Promotion and Wellness PDF

Health Promotion and Wellness PDF Free Download

Health Promotion and Wellness PDF Free Download

Health Promotion and Wellness is designed to provide health care providers with both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need to provide high-quality clinical preventive services. This unique resource is separated into two sections: The first section gives information on risks, ways providers can assess for risk and tools they can use to advise and help patients move forward. The second section is a tool kit with information, resources, tools and other items that can help the clinician provide evidence-based, patient-centered information to their patients.

This accessible reference provide readers with the basic elements necessary to help their patients change their health behavior related to the most prevalent risk factors, and to serve as a springboard to keep pace with the latest evidence arising in the applied science of wellness, prevention and health promotion.

• Screening, prevention, health promotion and advising information and resources that will complement your routine care of the patients you serve
• Instructions for how to appropriately use CPT codes for billing preventive services

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