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Healthcare Strategic Planning 4th Edition PDF

Healthcare Strategic Planning 4th Edition PDF Free Download

Healthcare Strategic Planning 4th Edition PDF Free Download

The US healthcare delivery system is undergoing unprecedented transformation. In response to rapid and profound changes in technology, competition, consumerism, and other areas, healthcare leaders must help their organizations develop and implement effective strategies to survive and thrive. This fourth edition of Healthcare Strategic Planning, edited by John M. Harris (and previously authored by Alan M. Zuckerman), provides core insights into strategic planning practice and theory and shows how those insights can be applied to healthcare organizations. Examples from actual healthcare organizations add real-life detail and reinforcement. By following the book s step-by-step guide to the stages of strategic planning analyzing the environment, determining organizational direction, formulating strategies, and transitioning to implementation readers will learn how to answer the question everyone in healthcare management is asking: Where are we going? This new edition addresses strategic planning in the context of contemporary healthcare issues, particularly population health, value-based payment, and shifting provider payer partnerships. New or enhanced material includes: Expanded coverage of environmental analysis, including tips on organizing the data collection process and identifying market trends New case studies that illustrate how successful organizations handle the annual strategic planning process A new chapter on addressing business model shifts and technological and clinical advances at each step of the planning process This book is filled with insights gained over more than two decades by the leaders of Veralon, a leading healthcare management consulting firm. With offices in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, Veralon has assisted health systems, academic medical centers, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations across the country in addressing their most pressing strategic issues through effective planning processes.

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