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Hearing 6th Edition PDF

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Hearing 6th Edition PDF

This is the sixth edition of a textbook intended to provide beginning graduate students with an introduction to the sciences of hearing, as well as to provide an overview of the field for more experienced readers. The need for a current text of this type has been expanded by the advent of the professional doctorate in audiology, the AuD in addition to those in PhD programs in the speech and hearing sciences. However, an interest in hearing is by no means limited to audiologists and speech and hearing scientists. It includes readers with widely diverse academic backgrounds, such as psychologists, speech-language pathologists, physicians, deaf educators, industrial hygienists, linguists and engineers, among others. The result is a frustrating dilemma in which a text will likely be too basic for some of its intended readers and too advanced for others. Thus, the idea is to provide a volume sufficiently detailed to serve as a core text for graduate students with a primary interest in hearing, while at the same time avoiding a reliance on scientific or mathematical backgrounds not shared by those with different kinds of academic experiences. Hearing science is an exciting area of study because of its broad, interdisciplinary scope, and even more because it is vital and dynamic. Research continuously provides new information to expand on the old and also causes us to rethink what was once well established. The reader (particularly the beginning student) is reminded that new findings occasionally disprove the “laws” of the past.
Thus, this textbook should be treated as a first step; it is by no means the final word. In addition to reflecting advances in the field, the sixth edition of Hearing has been strongly influenced by extensive comments and suggestions from both colleagues and graduate students. This has resulted in updates, changes, and additions to the material as well as several new and revised figures; but every effort has been made to maintain the fundamental characteristics of the prior editions wherever possible. These include the basic approach, structure, format, and the general (and often irregular) depth of coverage, the provision of references at the end of each chapter, and the provision of liberal references to other sources for further study. As one might expect, the hardest decisions involved choosing material that could be streamlined, replaced, or omitted, keeping the original orientation and flavor of the book, and avoiding a “state-of-the-art” treatise.

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