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Hemodialysis Membranes PDF

Hemodialysis Membranes PDF Free Download

Hemodialysis Membranes PDF Free Download

Book initiates with introductory material to hemodialysis technology and its historical evolution and later on divulging into the field of biomaterials. With this background, the book discusses selection criteria of a suitable biomaterial for synthesis of haemodialysis membranes along with illustration of a complete indigenous, low cost technology for spinning of haemodialysis fibres. Well illustrated description of instruments used for membrane characterization and biomedical engineering is also provided at suitable junctures to effectively present the concept including worked out examples. Present title can be a good textbook as well as a research material for membrane as well as biomedical engineering curricula and provides coverage for appropriate undergraduate and graduate students interested in hemodialysis membranes.

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  • Hemodialysis Membranes PDF
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