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Hinman’s Atlas of Urologic Surgery 3rd Edition PDF

Hinman’s Atlas of Urologic Surgery 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Hinman’s Atlas of Urologic Surgery 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

For almost three decades, Hinman’s Atlas of Urologic Surgery has been an essential text for both novice and experienced surgeons performing procedures involving the genitourinary system. Even when the first edition was written, urologic surgery was becoming increasingly varied and complex but urologists were generally expected to be adept at all procedures within the domain of the specialty. Nonetheless, it is remarkable to realize that one person, Dr. Frank Hinman, Jr., could be capable of overseeing and, indeed, writing a comprehensive atlas of urologic surgical procedures while working with only a single illustrator. The second edition was published in 1998 and included updates of procedures described in the original text, introduction of newer operative approaches and techniques, and expert commentary. Topics in the second edition did not include endoscopic or percutaneous surgery. Laparoscopic approaches received relatively little attention and robotic surgery had not yet been developed. The book was comprehensive and contemporary, though, and remained the standard and the best step-by-step surgical atlas for urologic procedures. Medicine in general and urology in particular are changing at an almost unimaginable pace. The 14 years between publication of the second edition of Hinman’s Atlas of Urologic Surgery and his third edition have seen the emergence of new surgical approaches, refinements in operative technique, and the availability of instruments previously unimagined. The increasing depth and breadth of urology have made it almost impossible for one individual to be a master of all domains. Increasingly, urologic surgeons are developing focused expertise and practice in subdisciplines within urology.
This has elevated the need for a comprehensive atlas to serve as an expert but practical guide for both novice and experienced surgeons. The editors of this third edition of the classic text carefully reviewed the table of contents of the prior editions. Some topics or procedures simply were outdated and no longer used and were deleted. Others were updated. There was an obvious need for the inclusion of new subjects, such as robotic surgery, and expansion of laparoscopic topics. Importantly, a decision was also made to include endoscopic and percutaneous surgery. Time-honored and important open surgical approaches remain, but the reality is that the majority of urologic surgery is now performed through laparoscopic or endoscopic access.

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