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Histology Text & Atlas PDF

Histology Text & Atlas PDF Free Download

Histology Text & Atlas PDF Free Download
Tיis book is a result o persistent eedback received rom several o my students about the di culties aced by them in understanding histology. T e most common concerns related to understanding and replicating the diagrams correctly, dif erentiating between similar looking slides and getting a sound grasp o the conceptual details. It was to address these concerns that I took up the project o writing this book. I have endeavoured to resolve the above-mentioned di culties by presenting histology in a simple, interesting and lucid manner. I hope this will make it easier or students to understand and retain concepts as well as to reproduce the diagrams in their practical manuals. T e book caters primarily to the requirements o undergraduate medical and dental students. Pathology students will also nd the book use ul or re reshing histology undamentals. Some o the key eatures o the book are as ollows: T e Diagrams T ere are 118 coloured diagrams o histological slides. T ese simple, clear, well-labelled, hand-drawn diagrams will help the students in identi cation o the slides. T ey can be easily reproduced by them in the practical manuals. Important diagrams are also supported by relevant slides.

Te 186 line diagrams and three-dimensional illustrations given in the book will urther aid understanding and retention. T e ext Based on the eedback given by an overwhelming majority o students, the text has been presented in a crisp, bulleted ormat. T e in ormation ows rom basic to detailed with proper structuring in terms o headings and subheadings to enable easy comprehension. Identif cation o Similar Looking Slides T e book has 83 coloured photomicrographs (PMGs) o most o the organs. Studying these pictures will make the identi cation o actual histological slides easier or the students. Similar looking slides have been compared and their dif erentiating points have been enumerated separately in the text. Functional and Clinical Correlations Several unctional and clinical correlations have been mentioned. T ese not only make the topic interesting, but also help the students in understanding the importance o histology in the identi cation, diagnosis and pathogenesis o diseases.

Histology Text & Atlas PDF Free Download, Histology Text & Atlas PDF Ebook Free