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HIV Essentials 2014 Seventh Edition PDF

HIV Essentials 2014 Seventh Edition PDF Free Download

HIV Essentials 2014 Seventh Edition PDF Free Download

Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are an integral part of the practice of primary care medicine. Office procedures can provide the patient with valuable health benefits in a familiar and comfortable location. Procedures provided by the primary care physician can enhance the doctor-patient relationship, and result in rapid decision making by reducing fragmentation in health delivery. The benefits of procedures in primary care medicine can be most clearly demonstrated in rural areas, where the time and expense of travel to tertiary medical centers may represent a serious barrier to patient care. This atlas is designed to provide primary care healthcare providers with a step-by-step instructional reference in common office procedures. The information incorporates practical suggestions developed by the authors during their nearly 50 years of teaching procedural medicine. Over 700 illustrations have been added to enhance the clarity of instructions, and to provide the reader with visual cues. Providers-in-training and teachers should benefit from a deeper comprehension of techniques incorporated into these procedures. Seasoned practitioners will appreciate the concise summary of each procedure’s C PT® coding, pitfalls, and complications. The 72 procedures covered in this atlas range from the simple (cerumen removal) to the complex (colonoscopy).

These procedures incorporate the vast majority of skills required of primary care practitioners, and far exceed the number performed by most practicing physicians. Each chapter begins with an overview of background information about the procedure. Indications and contraindications (both relative and absolute) are listed, providing a framework for evaluating patients being considered for a particular procedure. Illustrations and their accompanying legends provide sequential instructions in the performance of the procedure. Bulleted pitfalls are included to demonstrate common errors or difficulties that practitioners historically have encountered. The coding section includes suggested C PT® codes, descriptors, and reported 2002 average 50th percentile fees charged for the selected codes. The instruments and materials section provides examples of ordering information (phone numbers and web site addresses) for obtaining the materials mentioned in the chapter. The bibliography section includes references used in the chapter, as well as information of interest when considering a procedure.

  • HIV Essentials 2014 Seventh Edition PDF Free Download,
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  • HIV Essentials 2014 Seventh Edition PDF
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