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Human Anatomy Media Update 6th Edition PDF

Human Anatomy Media Update 6th Edition PDF Free Download
Human Anatomy Media Update 6th Edition PDF

The general philosophy behind this Sixth Edition of Human Anatomy remains the same as in the previous editions. As an instructor, you know that teaching anatomy is not just the presentation of facts. You must provide information in a framework that encourages genuine understanding, devise new presentations to help students remember large amounts of material, and help students apply what they have learned to new situations. All the while you hope that you inspire in the students a love of the subject. After many years of teaching human anatomy, we became convinced that new approaches to the subject could excite and challenge the students’ natural curiosity. That is why we decided to write this book. We are fortunate to have collaborated with Pearson Benjamin Cummings, a publisher that shares our goal: to set a new standard for pedagogical and visual effectiveness in an anatomy text. This book is designed for one-semester or one-quarter introductory anatomy courses that serve students in prenursing, premedical, pre–physical therapy, radiological technology, physician assistant training, predentistry, pharmacy, and other allied-health fields, as well as physical education, athletic training, and nutrition. Unique Approach to Anatomy Since its inception, we have worked diligently to distinguish Human Anatomy from the many other anatomy books currently available. This book explains anatomy thoroughly, and its discussions are not merely brief summaries of the art. We have striven to present the basic concepts of anatomy— gross, microscopic, developmental, and clinical—in a manner that is clearly written, effectively organized, up to date, and well illustrated. We realize that learning anatomy involves assimilating gargantuan amounts of material, and we have tried to make our presentation as logical and accessible as possible. To this end, we present anatomy as a “story” that can be explained and understood—convincing the students that the structure of the body makes sense. Although descriptive gross anatomy is a relatively static science, knowledge is growing quickly in the subfields of functional anatomy, neuroanatomy, developmental anatomy, and the functional aspects of tissue and cellular anatomy.

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