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Human Brain Evolution PDF : The Influence of Freshwater and Marine Food Resources

Human Brain Evolution PDF Free Download

The evolution of the human brain and cognitive ability is one ofthe central themes of physical/biological anthropology. This bookdiscusses the emergence of human cognition at a conceptual level,describing it as a process of long adaptive stasis interrupted byshort periods of cognitive advance. These advances were not linearand directed, but were acquired indirectly as part of changinghuman behaviors, in other words through the process of exaptation(acquisition of a function for which it was not originallyselected). Based on studies of the modem human brain, certainprerequisites were needed for the development of the early brainand associated cognitive advances. This book documents the energyand nutrient constraints of the modern brain, highlighting thesignificant role of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids(LC-PUFA) in brain development and maintenance. Crawford providesfurther emphasis for the role of essential fatty acids, inparticular DHA, in brain development, by discussing the evolutionof the eye and neural systems.

This is an ideal book for Graduate students, post docs, researchscientists in Physical/Biological Anthropology, Human Biology,Archaeology, Nutrition, Cognitive Science, Neurosciences.  Itis also an excellent selection for a grad student discussionseminar.

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