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Human Virology 3rd Edition PDF

Human Virology 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Human Virology 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Viruses are some of the simplest infectious agents on the planet, yet can cause severe and even life-threatening diseases in all forms of life – including humans. Despite relying on host cells in order to replicate, viruses can be capable of extremely rapid reproduction and very effective transmission from one person to another. Because of this, they have historically represented a significant proportion of the disease burden affecting humans, in addition to a number of new high profile diseases which have emerged in the last century. However, on a more positive note, the only two diseases to have ever been eradicated by mankind were both viruses, giving hope that in the future more viruses can be eliminated.

Human Virology provides a vivid introduction to this fascinating field, by incorporating both the molecular and clinical aspects of the subject. The general principles and properties of viruses are covered in the first part of the text, while part two provides a survey of the different virus families and the human diseases they cause. Finally, the book concludes with some of the more practical aspects of the subject, such as immunization, antiviral chemotherapy and laboratory techniques.

Throughout the text, case studies bring the subject to life by providing a unique perspective from real practicing doctors. In addition new ‘hot topic’ boxes have been incorporated into this edition, featuring current important areas of research. Little prior knowledge is assumed, making Human Virology the perfect text for those students new to the subject.

The Online Resource Centre to accompany Human Virology features:

For students:
DTmultiple-choice questions for self-directed learning
DTWeb links to online animations and videos

For lecturers:
DTFigures from the book in electronic format, ready to download

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  • Human Virology 3rd Edition PDF
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