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Hurst Reviews NCLEX-RN Review PDF

Hurst Reviews NCLEX-RN Review PDF Free Download

Hurst Reviews NCLEX-RN Review PDF
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Hello, nursing students! My name is Marlene Hurst, President and owner of Hurst Review Services and author of this book. Hurst Review Services, which is based in Brookhaven,Mississippi, opened its doors in 1988 when I began my new teaching job at a major university. As I began to teach nursing students, I quickly realized how much additional help they needed while in nursing school. Actually, I figured that out during my days as a nursing student, but at that time I just assumed that I was the only one struggling to survive nursing school! Today, my passion to help nursing students still rings true, and this desire motivated me to write this book for you.
I love to make difficult nursing concepts fun and easy to understand! I believe that if students are relaxed, they will learn and retain more information. I’ve always said that nursing isn’t meant to be difficult: it’s meant to be understood! My specialty is guiding students to a true understanding of the “why” of nursing content. If you understand “why” you are performing a specific nursing intervention, you will understand the related nursing concepts. On the other hand, if you blindly perform skills without knowing why they are required, you will never understand how nursing really works. I know that many of you bought this book to help you pass the NCLEX-RN® examination. No sweat! This book is designed to help you PASS the FIRST time. It also includes specific test-taking strategies and practice questions written just as they appear on the NCLEX-RN® examination. It doesn’t get any better than that! If you read this book and use it exactly as I’ve suggested, you will pass the NCLEX-RN® the first time! For those of you who have purchased this book to help you survive nursing school or exit exams, you won’t be disappointed either.