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Iap Textbook of Pediatrics 5th Edition PDF

Iap Textbook of Pediatrics 5th Edition PDF Free Download
Iap Textbook of Pediatrics 5th Edition PDF

The Editorial Board dedicates this new revised and updated Fifth Edition of the IAP Textbook of Pediatrics to children and adolescents—the future citizens of India whose Care and Nurture are our goal, concern and commitment. In a way, it is also our humble homage to the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, which has been in the forefront for the care of children of all hues and colors, at all ages and without barriers; and had trained and nurtured us as responsible professionals to care them with love and compassion. It is our honor and privilege that this dedication coincides with the time when the Indian Academy of Pediatrics is celebrating 50 years of its existence and active service. The last decade has witnessed rapid strides in medicine and technological advances in biological sciences. The specialty of Pediatrics has made substantial advances in preventive and therapeutic care. New vistas for care of children have been opened and many fresh thrust areas requiring our immediate or continued attention to decrease both morbidity and mortality have been delineated. These have provided fresh impetus to revise knowledge, harvest new information and thus continue the process of learning. The opportunities are limitless and it is for us to take advantage of these new frontiers. There was a felt need for publication of an updated Fifth Edition of this book after a gap of 4 years. This was also prompted by the enthusiastic response to the previous editions from practicing pediatricians, postgraduates, undergraduates as well as faculty of Departments of Pediatrics throughout India and other SAARC countries. It has been our endeavor to present this subject in a simplified and practical manner to provide adequate clinical guidance to pediatricians so that children derive the benefits of early diagnosis and optimal treatment. The basic simple and practical outline of the book is retained. We have tried our best to oversee that the “art and science” of Clinical Pediatrics maintains its central position without being overshadowed by newer technical advances. The main focus of the new edition has now shifted to practicing pediatricians as against the original concept of undergraduates.

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