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Illustrated Clinical Anatomy 2nd Edition PDF

Illustrated Clinical Anatomy 2nd Edition PDF Free Download
Illustrated Clinical Anatomy 2nd Edition PDF

Anatomy is an essential component of all clinical practice. In the first edition of this book our aim was to capitalize on our collective experience of over a century of teaching, publishing and practicing anatomy to produce a concise understandable and highly illustrated text, to pass on our personal enthusiasm for the subject to a future generation of doctors. So we were naturally delighted when it was awarded the Richard Asher Prize for the best new medical textbook at the Royal Society of Medicine/Society of Authors Book Awards, and was Highly Commended at the BMA Book Awards in 2005. This second edition has taken notice of recommendations and reviews as well as the 2007 document of the education committee of the Anatomical Society of GB and Ireland (Eur J Anat 11 3–18 2007), which complements the earlier American Association of Clinical Anatomists document (Clin Anat 9 71–99 1996) – both of which define their view of the core knowledge of clinical anatomy required by medical students. With both of these documents to hand as well as our own personal clinical experience we have tried to cover the major anatomical factual content needed for a young physician or surgeon of the 21st century and we have included within the blue shaded columns illustration and explanation of hundreds of common clinical conditions, which each have an anatomical diagnostic basis. Suggestions from students and colleagues have contributed to these changes. We have tried hard to keep the book short enough so as not to overwhelm students and have liberally illustrated it with clinical images and case presentations. The text is organized regionally but, since the basic clinical and diagnostic anatomy required for all doctors is essentially the same worldwide, it doesn’t really matter which educational system your own medical school uses. So it is also easy to use for a systems approach or even in a problem-based curriculum as virtually every common anatomical problem has been illustrated – all these illustrations are available for your own personal use as part of the Vitalsource e-book. It is irrelevant which exams you are preparing for; whether medical school, MRCS part A, or USMLE1. As examiners of decades of experience in each of these areas we know that the anatomy required is essentially the same. Details for postgraduates have been included in tables and with extra labeling on many illustrations as well as both clinical and radiological images. As in the first edition there are reasoned MCQs and applied problems at the end of every chapter, but we have now added extended multiple questions (EMQs) which are nowadays a common feature in all British postgraduate medical examinations.

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