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IM Essentials Questions PDF

IM Essentials Questions PDF Free Download

IM Essentials Questions PDF Free Download

IM Essentials Questions prepares you for the internal medicine clerkship with over 500 self-assessment questions to help you learn and reinforce key concepts. Based on the core curriculum, the questions are formatted as clinical vignettes to resemble the types of questions encountered on the end of clerkship and the USMLE Step 2 licensing examinations. Each question includes a detailed critique that explains the correct answer and why the other options are incorrect. Succinct Key Points help to summarize the important take home messages for each question. IM Essentials Questions is one part of the IM Essentials suite of study materials produced for students through a collaboration of the American College of Physicians and the Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine. Also available is IM Essentials Text, a companion textbook, which is linked to each self-assessment question to ensure that the basic concepts involved in each question are understood.

IM Essentials Questions includes FREE access to the online version of IM Essentials that combines the full content of both IM Essentials Text and IM Essentials Questions, plus digital Flashcards. The interactive format allows you to:

  • Work at your own pace using different devices
  • Access more than 500 multiple-choice questions with the ability to switch back-and-forth between questions and associated text content
  • Create custom quizzes to focus on the content you need to study the most
  • Read critiques explaining why each answer is correct or incorrect
  • Review key point summaries for each question
  • Over 1000 Digital Flashcards to review key facts while preparing for the clerkship exam
  • Compare your progress to other IM Essentials users
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