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Imaging Anatomy of the Human Spine PDF

Imaging Anatomy of the Human Spine PDF Free Download

Imaging Anatomy of the Human Spine PDF Free Download

The most precise, cutting-edge images of normal spinal anatomy available today are the centerpiece of this spectacular atlas for clinicians, trainees, andstudents in the neurologically-based medical specialties. Truly an “atlas for the 21st century,” this comprehensive visual reference presents a detailedoverview of spinal anatomy acquired through the use of multiple imaging modalities and advanced techniques that allow visualization of structures notpossible with conventional MRI or CT. A series of unique full-color structural images derived from 3D models based on actual images in the book furtherenhances understanding of spinal anatomy and spatial relationships.

Written by two neuroradiologists who are also prominent educators, the atlas begins with a brief introduction to the development, organization, andfunction of the human spine. What follows is more than 650 meticulously presented and labelled images acquired with the full complement of standard andadvanced modalities currently used to visualize the human spine and adjacent structures—including x-ray, fluoroscopy, MRI, CT, CTA, MRA, digitalsubtraction angiography, and ultrasound of the neonatal spine. The vast array of data that these modes of imaging provide offer a wider window into thespine and allow the reader an unobstructed view of the anatomy presented to inform clinical decisions or enhance understanding of this complex region.Additionally, various anatomic structures can be viewed from modality to modality and from multiple planes.

This state-of-the-art atlas elevates conventional anatomic spine topography to the cutting edge of technology. It will serve as an authoritative learningtool in the classroom, and as a crucial practical resource at the workstation or in the office or clinic.

Key Features:

  • Provides detailed views of anatomic structures within and around the human spine utilizing over 650 high quality images across a broad range of imaging modalities
  • Contains several examples of the use of imaging anatomic landmarks in the performance of interventional spine procedures
  • Contains extensively labeled images of all regions of the spine and adjacent areas that can be compared and contrasted across modalities
  • Serves as an authoritative learning tool for students and trainees and practical reference for clinicians in multiple specialties
  • Imaging Anatomy of the Human Spine PDF Free Download,
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  • Imaging Anatomy of the Human Spine PDF
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