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Imaging for Otolaryngologists PDF

Imaging for Otolaryngologists PDF Free Download

Imaging for Otolaryngologists PDF Free Download

“[It] is a great value and easy purchase for any resident or practing ENT specialists who will no doubt have occasion to reference it again and again.” –Medical Science Books May 2011

Imaging for Otolaryngologists distils the essentials of otolaryngologic imaging into a concise reference that concentrates on key topics that are of immediate interest to otolaryngologists practicing in a modern clinical environment.

Prepared by a renowned otolaryngologist, and reviewed and supplemented by expert radiologists, the book provides a well-rounded perspective. The central focus is on image interpretation, including the disease-specific characteristics, the features necessary for successful diagnosis, and the implications for surgery. Each of the 465 high-quality images is clearly labeled, and where appropriate comparisons are made between CT scans and MR images to show complementary functions and limitations.

Imaging for Otolaryngologists helps readers:

  • Evaluate the cross-sectional anatomy in rhinology, otology, and laryngology on plain films, CT scans, and MR images
  • Appreciate the contribution and limitations of plain films, CT, and MRI in the management of otolaryngologic diseases
  • Select the best imaging modality for chronic, acute, and emergency otolaryngologic conditions
  • Understand which radiological appearances to look for in the diagnosis of common and less common otolaryngologic diseases

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