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Imaging in Endocrinology PDF

Imaging in Endocrinology PDF Free Download

Imaging in Endocrinology PDF Free Download

Imaging in Endocrinology will provide endocrinologists andradiologists of all levels with an outstanding diagnostic imagingatlas to aid them in the diagnosis and management of all themajor endocrine diseases they are likely to encounter.

In full colour throughout, the 300 high-quality imagesconsist of CT scans, MRI, NMR and histopathology slides,and are arranged by each specific endocrine condition, resulting ina visually outstanding and easily accessible tool that guidesthe user through exactly what to look out for and provides apractical and extremely useful aid in helping them formulate adiagnosis. 

Every major endocrine condition is covered in a specificsection, including diseases of the thyroid, pituitary,reproductive and adrenal glands, the pancreas, bone metabolismproblems, and the various forms of endocrinecancers.  Each disease covered will offer a comparison ofthe normal findings so as to further assistin diagnosis.  An accompanying website contains anonline slide-atlas of all the figures in the book, toallow users to download all figures for use inpresentations.

Led by Paolo Pozzilli, an internationally-recognised expert inthis field, the authors have assembled a wonderful collection ofimages that will be greatly valued by endocrinologists andradiologists alike, ensuring this is the perfect tool toconsult when assessing patients with endocrine disease.

  • Imaging in Endocrinology PDF Free Download,
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  • Imaging in Endocrinology PDF
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