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Immunohistochemistry Basics and Methods PDF

Immunohistochemistry Basics and Methods PDF Free Download

Immunohistochemistry Basics and Methods PDF Free Download

Combining two different scientific disciplines morphology and immunochemistry immunohistochemistry has developed as an important instrument in research and clinical pathology. A basic understanding of underlying principles and potential problems is unavoidable if you want to be successful in your use of immunohistochemistry, as well as in getting your papers published and your research grants funded. While many excellent texts and monographs exist which cover various aspects of immunohistochemistry, the lack of a concise comprehensive guide to using these methods was a major motivation for writing this book. Our intention was to create an easy-to-read and focused resource based on state-of-the-art information for a broad audience ranging from students and technical assistants to experienced researchers.
This handbook has a concise format, with protocols and instructions for methods immediately following the short introductory theoretical material in each chapter. Being conscious of the growing role of Internet as an information source, we have found it reasonable in many cases to substitute citing books and journal publications with corresponding Internet websites. Where possible, commercial sources of reagents, kits, and equipment are listed throughout the text instead of in a separate index. Though each chapter is small and introductory, this handbook itself is self-sufficient and provides a comprehensive look at the principles of immunohistochemistry. For readers wanting further depth of knowledge, each chapter is backed up by a short list of carefully selected original articles.

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