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Implant Dentistry at a Glance PDF

In the 1970s, the biological concept of osseointegration applied to the dental field changed the face of dentistry by offering us a completely new approach to the treatment of edentulism (Branemark et al., 1977). However, dental implant therapy is a relatively young area of interest in dentistry. This textbook, designed to cover the essentials of dental implant therapy, was a challenging undertaking because unknowns still exist, and part of the decision-making process is based on personal experience of clinicians. We made an effort to emphasize the evidencebased approach when information was available. Nevertheless, some of the chapters are based on our personal experience in dental implant therapy and may therefore be challenged by other clinicians according to their skills. Based on the above considerations, the present book does not deal with all types of dental implants but with the threaded root-form osseointegrated implants, which are the most used in practice and the best documented in the medical literature. Our work is adapted to the needs and use of the general practitioner and students; consequently all the surgical procedures described in the present volume can be performed under local anesthesia. In the same vein, we do not include sophisticated procedures such as zygomatic implants that are beyond the scope of our intention. However, we also hope that this book may help the specialist in his/her decision-making process. The number of dentists placing dental implants is increasing annually. Markets for dental implants are anticipated to reach $8.1 billion by 2015 (WinterGreen Research Report, 2009). More than 1000 types of dental implants are commercially available and are manufactured by competing companies. In Europe, four companies capture close to 60% of the market (Millennium Research Group, 2009). It is understandable that companies actively participate in basic and clinical research as well as in the continuing education of general practitioners. We have tried, as much as possible, to avoid the pitfalls of commercial pressure, striving to avoid brand citations and adhering closely to the basic principles of implant therapy. Dental implant therapy deals with two inter-related components: dental implant placement and achievement of the implant-retained prosthesis. The first is a surgical procedure; the second is the visible part of the iceberg, i.e. the procedure of replacing missing teeth by artificial reconstructions that mimic natural ones. It may be assumed that any general practitioner or, preferably, any integrated dental team can perform, with minimal training, both the surgical and the prosthetic procedures in simple cases. However, tremendous advances in dental implant surgery have increased the complexity of the techniques and the indications for dental implant therapy. We thus decided to emphasize the surgical part of this textbook in order to highlight the broader indications that are nowadays possible thanks to new surgical approaches. Excellent textbooks that detail prosthetic procedures in dental implant reconstruction are available.

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