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Infection Prevention and Control PDF

Infection Prevention and Control PDF Free Download

Infection Prevention and Control PDF Free Download

Dr. Serge Blaise Emaleu is a medical doctor (M.D) and trained surgeon. He also specialized in infectious disease /Immunology through the interdisciplinary post-doctoral training program at Stanford University School of Medicine in California (USA), In 2012 He joined the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston Massachusetts (USA) to Study the Approaches to Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) in Healthcare settings. Early In 2014, Dr. Emaleu joined the fight against Ebola Virus Diseases in Sierra Leone, where he served first a Senior Technical Advisor (Case Management pillar and later as the Clinical management sub-pillar co-chair) to the Sierra Leone National Ebola Response Committee (NERC), In that capacity, he helped to review and revise treatment protocols to improve survival rates of those infected with the Ebola virus. 2015, he joined the World Health Organization (WHO) as an Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Specialist consultant, where he helped to manage IPC priorities and activities within the overall outbreak response. He assessed IPC capacities and practices in hospitals healthcare facilities in areas directly affected by the outbreak and identified needs for further assessment, based on his revision. He reviewed the IPC measures implemented in the affected areas and advised on prevention of healthcare associated infections. He provided guidance on immediate IPC policies, resource, equipment, and training requirement for central, provincial, and district level hospital to ensure adequate preparations for response should the outbreak spread to other health zones. Once the outbreak was over, Dr. Emaleu remained in Sierra Leone working with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) to set up the country’s first National Infection Prevention Control Unit (NIPCU). This book is a culmination of his efforts to develop health care policies and train staff in Sierra Leone to reduce nosocomial infection through improved infection prevention control practice. This book is a handy guide for the conscientious health worker who wants to keep their patients safe. Dr. Emaleu’s helped Finalizing and to disseminate, IPC policy and Guideline documents, build and strengthened ability in preventing nosocomial/Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) in Sierra Leone and the subregion transferred Knowledge in preventing emerging and reemerging infectious diseases.

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