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Integrated Endocrinology PDF

Integrated Endocrinology PDF Free Download

Integrated Endocrinology PDF Free Download

This innovative textbook provides a readable, contemporary andfully integrated introduction to endocrine glands, their hormonesand how their function relates to homeostasis. It explores thepathology of endocrine disease by relating the underpinning sciencethrough a wealth of clinical scenarios and examples. The bookintegrates basic and clinical aspects for a range of endocrineglands and their hormones and includes a number of specialistchapters that also address areas of intense research and clinicalinterest including the regulation of salt, appetite andendocrine-immune interactions.

  • Provides a fully-integrated, scientific and clinicalintroduction to endocrinology.
  • Includes a wealth of colour illustrations to reinforce keyconcepts.
  • Introduces clinical scenarios and  leading questions toengage interest and illustrate the relevance of  theunderpinning science.
  • Includes key references and suggestions for further reading atthe end of each chapter.

Written by a highly respected and experienced author team thisnew textbook will prove invaluable to students needing an original,integrated introduction to the subject across a variety ofdisciplines including biomedical science, pharmacology ,bioengineering and pre-clinical medicine.

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  • Integrated Endocrinology PDF
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