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Intermediate Epidemiology PDF

Intermediate Epidemiology PDF Free Download

Intermediate Epidemiology PDF Free Download

Intermediate Epidemiology: Methods That Matter provides masters-level public health students with a solid foundation in the epidemiologic methods necessary for implementing successful public health programs.
This book stands apart from other intermediate texts in that it focuses on conceptual learning of basic methods without relying on extensive jargon. The book uniquely uses a self-learning approach, with exercises embedded in each page to reinforce concepts and application. The book creates a bridge from student to professional with lively descriptions of career paths for the MPH-level epidemiologist. Complete chapters on program evaluation and implementation and analysis of studies are also provided.
Key Features:
• Examines the methodological skill set unique to epidemiology at an intermediate level
• Provides practice problems, case studies, discussion sections, and datasets in which to practice the methods learned
• Offers boxed examples from sources such as peer reviewed literature, governmental resources, and lay sources

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