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International Neurology 2nd Edition PDF
The first edition of this text, International Neurology: A Clinical Approach, grew out of the involvement of the editors in international meetings held in Vietnam and was published in 2009. The “shrinking of the globe,” with people traveling for pleasure and business, has made it likely that physicians may see individuals as patients who have diseases they have not personally encountered or patients with different manifestations of diseases they have seen. This is true of visitors from developing countries who may become ill in North America, Europe, and other ‘Westernized’ nations as well as the converse. In most texts, some chapters are by authors writing about diseases or groups of diseases they themselves only know from their reading. Other texts deal with disorders seen worldwide, but only emphasize the clinical features encountered in a limited geographic region. We chose authors and section editors who were familiar with and expert in neurological diseases and asked them to cover these diseases as they present in different populations and areas of the world. The section editors and authors were from all regions of the world. They took into account differences in genetic, environmental, and demographic factors as well as therapeutic approaches. In the latter area treatments not based on evidence, or for which clinical evidence was lacking, were not included. Although all of the chapters included sections on etiology and pathogenesis, the emphasis was on clinical neurology, not basic science. To take into account the expense of medical texts, we tried to limit the length of chapters and bibliographies and framed those as suggested further reading. We also limited colored figures. We were pleased with the acceptance of our efforts and that of the authors and section editors and when approached to consider a second edition, we decided to go forward with the project. We have made some changes in organization, section editors, and authors, and asked authors to update their chapters to capture the exciting changes that are occurring in neurology. We have once again asked them to emphasize, where present, differences in diseases and their manifestations in different populations and locales. We once again would like to thank the authors and section editors for their efforts and contributions as well as Sally Osborne, Angela Cohen and our Editors at Wiley Blackwell, Devender Gupta of Aptara India and Lisa Bauer for their assistance and support in the project
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