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Interventions for Autism PDF

Interventions for Autism PDF Free Download

Interventions for Autism PDF Free Download

With video clips that show the interventions in action!

For SLPs preparing to work with children who have autism spectrum disorders, selecting effective interventions for communication and social challenges is critically important. This accessible textbook gives SLPs the in-depth knowledge they need to evaluate, choose, and apply today’s best interventions for communication and social interactions.

With contributions from 25 top autism experts across multiple disciplines, this student-friendly text gives SLPs a thorough introduction to 12 widely used evidence-based interventions, including

  • augmentative and alternative communication strategies
  • the Developmental Individual-Difference Relationship Based (DIR®) model
  • Enhanced Milieu Teaching
  • functional communication training
  • joint action routines
  • peer mediated support strategies
  • Picture Exchange Communication System
  • Pivotal Response Treatment
  • Social Stories™
  • video modeling applications

To help readers find the information they need and compare interventions easily, each chapter clearly lays out key details on each intervention’s theoretical and empirical basis, practical requirements, components, applications for both children and adults, and considerations for children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Brief, illustrative video clips and case studies show the interventions in action, and helpful learning activities prepare SLPs to make sound decisions in scenarios they’re likely to encounter in the field.

With this practical, expertly organized textbook, tomorrow’s SLPs will expertly choose and apply interventions that improve the communication and social skills of people with autism spectrum disorders.

Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders is a part of the Communication and Language Intervention Series

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  • Interventions for Autism PDF
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