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Intrapartum Management Modules 5th Edition PDF

Intrapartum Management Modules 5th Edition PDF Free Download

Intrapartum Management Modules 5th Edition PDF Free Download

While the phenomenon of birth has not changed, our knowledge base continues to expand exponentially, and the clinical challenges facing those who provide intrapartum care are increasingly and uniquely complex. Provision of the “best” and individualized care for women and their families during childbearing involves compassion, safety, accuracy, and sensitivity. It is our sincere wish for this text to support those who support others during this critical time. The fifth edition of Intrapartum Management Modules has undergone significant changes in content, authorship, and editorial leadership. Content revisions reflect the most current evidence and best practices in the care of women and infants. The topics presented should be relevant for anyone in an intrapartum setting: staff nurses, educators, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, physician assistants, and health professions students. Content and skill sets are presented along with review questions/answers for validation of comprehension of the material. The modules may be used as an adjunct to unit orientation, and completed within the orientation framework. Jean Martin was the founding editor of this text 25 years ago, and we owe her an enormous debt of gratitude.

She created an enduring voice and established a standard of excellence we strive to uphold. She is forever present in these pages. We gratefully acknowledge all past editors and contributors to the text for their tremendous commitment, passion, and scholarship. We extend deep and sincere thanks to all the new contributing authors for sharing their expertise and time. They are valued friends, colleagues, and experts from around the country. The spectacular image from the last edition that still graces the cover of this edition was created by the talented Lana Feole, who now has her own beautiful baby boy, Des. The team at Lippincott Williams & Wilkins has been tremendous in its guidance, assistance, and patience in the development of this edition. To all those who contributed to this work, a heartfelt “thank you.” Care provided during the intrapartum period has profound and lasting effects upon the woman and her family. You will be remembered for your actions, your interactions, and perhaps preserved in images to be viewed again and again. As Jean acknowledged, “the dynamics of such interactions work both ways … the gratitude is ours for being allowed to participate in one of life’s most incredible events!” It is indeed a privilege.

Intrapartum Management Modules 5th Edition PDF Free Download, Intrapartum Management Modules 5th Edition PDF Ebook Free