Complete denture – Introduction to Prosthodontics ppt PDF

  • Introduction to Prosthodontics Rola M. Shadid, BDS, MSc,
  • 2. History of false teeth • Replacements of lost teeth have been produced for thousands of years • 1st dentures were 700 BC from ivory & bone • Silver, gold, mother of pearl • In 1774, dentures made from porcelain • The real breakthrough came when vulcanized rubber was discovered
  • 3. History of false teeth • The discovery of acrylic resin is the next major revolution in prosthodontics • Another important milestone in tooth replacement was the introduction of implants.
  • 4. Definitions • Prosthetics: Replacements for missing parts of the human body. • Prosthodontics: The branch of dentistry pertaining to the restoration and maintenance of oral function, comfort, appearance, and health of the patient • Prosthesis: An artificial replacement of absent part of human body
  • 5. Definitions • Dentulous: An individual who has his/her natural teeth present. • Edentulous: The individual who has lost his/her natural teeth. • Depending on the number of teeth missing they may be partially or completely edentulous.
  • 6. Branches of Prosthodontics 1. Fixed prosthodontics 2. Removable prosthodontics a) complete denture prosthodontics b) partial denture prosthodontics 3. Implant prosthodontics 4. Maxillofacial prosthetics…..