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Isotopes in Nanoparticles PDF

Isotopes in Nanoparticles PDF Free Download

Isotopes in Nanoparticles PDF Free Download

Nanoparticles may be used in industrial processes, incorporated into consumer products, or applied as biomedical agents. Isotopic (radio)labeling is one of the most powerful methods for nanoparticle tracing in experimental studies. This book presents an introduction to some commonly used nanomaterials, describes various methods with which they may be radiolabeled, and provides illustrative examples of applications of the labeled particles. Finally, it discusses the use of nanomaterials in radiotherapy, the stable isotope labeling technique, and operational health and safety aspects related to the manipulation of nanoparticles in controlled areas. The book will appeal to anyone involved in nanotechnology, molecular imaging, radiochemistry, and nanomedicine.

  • Isotopes in Nanoparticles PDF Free Download,
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  • Isotopes in Nanoparticles PDF
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