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A note on Jacket crowns  Indications, Alternatives, Assessment of teeth and Tooth preparation

J acket crown is a full porcelain ceramic covered crown that protects the entire surface of a tooth. A crown is a protective tooth-shaped cap covering for a tooth that is chipped, broken or missing. Crowns are used to reinforce the tooth if the remaining structure can no longer support a filling. A crown is cemented onto all the remaining visible structure to strengthen it as well as improve its appearance.


Discolored teeth

Jacket crowns
Fractured teeth
Jacket crowns
Grossly carious teeth
Jacket crowns
Hypoplastic teeth
Jacket crowns
Tooth wear
Jacket crowns
As part of a bridge
Jacket crowns

Alternatives to JCs


Jacket crowns
Composite veneering
Jacket crowns
Porcelain veneering
Jacket crowns

Composite restorations
Resin bonded bridges

Assessment of Individual teeth

Vitality / status of the pulp
Size of the pulp in vital teeth
Resting lip line and smile line

Pre operative work up

Finalize the material/s
Depth of preparation
Path of insertion
Appropriate burs, trays and materials
Local anesthesia if tooth is vital
Shade selection

Stages of tooth preparation

Depth orientation grooves

Jacket crowns
Labial, incisal reduction
Jacket crowns
Interdental reduction
Jacket crowns
Palatal cervical collar
Jacket crowns
Cingulum reduction
Jacket crowns
Gingival margin
Jacket crowns