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Jones’ Clinical Paediatric Surgery 7th Edition PDF

Jones’ Clinical Paediatric Surgery 7th Edition PDF Free Download

Jones' Clinical Paediatric Surgery 7th Edition PDF Free Download
The objective of the first edition of this book was to bring together information on surgical conditions in infancy and childhood for use by medical students and resident medical officers. It remains a great satisfaction to our contributors that the book has fulfilled this aim successfully and that a seventh edition is now required. Family doctors, paediatricians and many others concerned with the welfare of children have also found this book useful. A knowledgeable medical publisher once commented to Peter Jones that this book is not about surgery but about paediatrics, and this is what it should be, as we have continued to omit almost all details of operative surgery. The plan for the sixth edition has been largely retained but with the addition of new coloured photographs. Mr Alan Woodward has retired as an editor, and we have added two new editors, Mr Warwick Teague and Mr Sebastian King. Nearly half of the contributors to this edition are new members of the hospital staff and bring a fresh outlook and state-of-the-art ideas. It is now about 20 years since Mr Peter Jones died, and this book remains as a dedication to him. Peter was a great teacher and it is a daunting task for those who follow in his footsteps. We hope this new edition will continue to honour the memory of a great paediatric surgeon who understood what students need to know.

The progressive increase in the body of information relative to the surgical specialities has come to present a vexing problem in the instruction of medical students. There is only enough time in the medical curriculum to present an overview to them, and in textbook material, one is reduced either to synoptic sections in textbooks of surgery or to the speciality too detailed for the student or the non-specialist in complete and authoritative textbooks. There has long been a need for a book of modest size dealing with paediatric surgery in a way suited to the requirements of the medical student, general practitioner and paediatrician. Peter G. Jones and his associates from the distinguished and productive group at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne have succeeded in meeting this need. The book could have been entitled Surgical Conditions in Infancy and Childhood, for it deals with children and their afflictions, their symptoms, diagnosis and treatment rather than surgery as such. The reader is told when and how urgently an operation is required, and enough about the nature of the procedure to understand its risks and appreciate its results. This is what students need to know and what paediatricians and general practitioners need to be refreshed on. Many of the chapters are novel, in that they deal not with categorical diseases but with the conditions that give rise to a specific symptom – Vomiting in the First Month of Life, The Jaundiced Newborn Baby, Surgical Causes of Failure to Thrive. The chapter on genetic counselling is a model of information and good sense. The book is systematic and thorough. A clean style, logical sequential discussions and avoidance of esoterica allow the presentation of substantial information over the entire field of paediatric surgery in this comfortablesized volume with well-chosen illustrations and carefully selected bibliography. Many charts and tables, original in conception, enhance the clear presentation. No other book so satisfactorily meets the need of the student for broad and authoritative coverage in a modest compass. The paediatric house officer (in whose hospital more than 50% of the patients are, after all, surgical) will be serviced equally well. Paediatric surgeons will find between these covers an account of the attitudes, practices and results of one of the world’s greatest paediatric surgical centres. The book comes as a fitting tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Royal Children’s Hospital.

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Jones’ Clinical Paediatric Surgery 7th Edition PDF Free Download, Jones’ Clinical Paediatric Surgery 7th Edition PDF Ebook Free