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LabNotes PDF Free Download

LabNotes PDF Free Download

A Davis’s Notes Title!

Here’s the portable reference you need to explain, prepare, and care for patients before, during, and after common lab and diagnostic testing.

What students and clinicians are saying:

Great easy to use reference for reviewing in your down-time or when you need to assemble your plan of care. Very concise but at the same time comprehensive enough that I don’t find myself scrambling to supplement the information with other texts.

I find this book to be most helpful in the clinical setting. The size is perfect for carrying in your scrub pocket for frequent reference. I recommend it to all of my students.

Perfect to take along to clinicals or just to look over before exams! I love how the book has erasable pages in case you need to make a note some where you can easily erase it later on. This book was a life saver to be able to just quickly pull it out and have the information readily available. I would highly recommend this book to anyone in the nursing program or anyone who is new to the nursing field and not 100% sure of what norms should be.

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