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Learning IOM PDF

Learning IOM PDF Free Download

Learning IOM PDF Free Download

This new companion book to Teaching IOM: Implications of the Institute of Medicine Reports for Nursing Education brings the IOM reports to life for learners. The easy to follow guidance helps students conceptualize how the reports influence and affect modern nursing practice. It introduces the concept of integrating the IOM reports on nursing practice into the educational setting and beyond. Nursing is a practice profession: nursing education and staff development need to reflect this in every aspect. Many IOM reports relevant to nursing, especially those on quality issues, are the platforms for improvements throughout health care practice, policy and education. This book is based in large part on the author’s ongoing, first-handed conversations and collaborations with nurse educators, staff developers, and clinicians. It takes a real-world approach to implementing the IOM reports into modern nursing practice. Highlights of Learning IOM/HMD •Summaries and analyses of the 26 most recent nursing-pertinent reports and the implications for nursing education, professional development, and practice. •A section on the connections between the IOM reports and ANA’s current nursing scope and standards and the Code of Ethics for Nurses •Full coverage of the 65 nursing-relevant IOM reports •Shows students how to analyze any IOM report

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  • Learning IOM PDF
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