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Life Saving Drugs PDF Free Download

Life Saving Drugs PDF Free Download

Health care–especially as we age– is somewhat different for women than for men. Women are concerned with looking and feeling young, finding safe responses to the hormonal changes in their bodies–from periods to PMS–and eating and living in a wholesome, “correct” way.

Life-Saving Health Solutions is Dr. Schaller’s best attempt to save several generations of women from misguided, incompetent, or inadequate management of the second half of their life.

After four decades of clinical experience and sixty-five years of studying issues especially important to women, Dr. Schaller addresses all major areas of concern–from basic gynecological issues
to those practices that lead to healthy longevity.

Like sitting together for an appointment, Dr. Schaller clearly explains everything from cholesterol ratios and hormonal issues to preventing heartburn, heart disease, and high blood pressure. He also suggests which supplements and medications may either be helpful or harmful to your health, as well as effective later-life hormone replacement strategies.

Speaking for thousands of healthcare providers–who do not speak out for fear of reprisal–Dr. Schaller also blows the whistle on the “cholesterol myth”— and various other health scams, which put over $600 billion each year into the coffers of the heart disease industry, the statin makers, the food producers, the nutrition, diet and fitness entrepreneurs–as well as exposing the dangers of many prescription drugs.

Even those who are “perfectly healthy” and plan to stay that way, might benefit from reviewing Dr. Schaller’s experienced advice, and ensure themselves there is “no fatal fly in their health ointment.”

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