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Life to be lived PDF

Life to be lived PDF Free Download

Life to be lived PDF Free Download

A comprehensive guide on mastering the simple Hygge principles of earth’s happiest people

Throughout human history, wars have been waged in search of ‘happiness’. Inventions invented to make us happier. Explorers have voyaged to the ends of the earth in search of happiness. There too are the millions of books, philosophies, theories, legislations…
Of course due to some of these continuous efforts, we keep experiencing amazing progress in many areas of our lives. Are we happier? Well, I believe we may be right where we have always been if not worst off – as some argue.
Sherman Litt is the author of the really amazing book – HYGGE The Philosophy of Happy Life – which seeks to explain why the Danes are consistently ranked among the happiest people on earth due to their hygge culture. He also shows how we can apply the hygge principles to our American life and culture.
Trust me when I say this isn’t yet another book of unproven principles difficult to live by and ultimately doomed to fail.
So many studies have been carried out to understand why Danes are so happy. And Hygge has always been the answer. Hygge is so important to the Danish culture. It influences just about every facet of their individual and national life.

  • What freedom is to Americans is what hygge is to the Danish.

  • Here is a glimpse into what the book is all about:

  • What hygge is and what it isn’t. You will therefore really understand the simple idea behind the hygge principles.

  • See why a happy person is more contented, more productive; he is a better version of himself – mentally, health-wise, relationship-wise…

  • This book teaches the principles of HYGGE rules and how to apply them in our daily American life. Shows how to live an invigorating life surrounded by the affection of loving friends and family members.

  • In the end, there is a list of 50 tips to immediately apply Hygge in normal life.

In the book, you will find that acquiring happiness using hygge rules isn’t and shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. If you feel you are trying too hard to achieve it. It means you are doing hygge all wrong.
The hygge principles are actually so simple that anyone can start applying them this very minute if they have learned how to go about it.

Purchase this book today and start living the hygge life. Enrich your life and those of your friends and family.

If the Danes can do it, you can too!

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  • Life to be lived PDF
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