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Lippincott Microcards Microbiology Flash Cards 4th Edition PDF

Lippincott Microcards Microbiology Flash Cards 4th Edition PDF Free Download

Lippincott Microcards Microbiology Flash Cards 4th Edition PDF Free Download
We are very pleased to present the fourth edition of Lippincott’s Microcards, a product designed for medical students to learn and review clinical microbiology. The project began with a simple idea: to create a concise yet comprehensive microbiology review tool. After years of work, what has emerged is a deck of cards that we believe will help medical students learn this material and sail through USMLE Part 1 examinations, will offer physicians a handy reference, and will inspire enthusiasm and interest in microbiology at all levels of the health care profession. For this edition, we have also bundled this deck with free access to an interactive question bank that contains more than 70 USMLE style questions and answers. This product contains two general types of cards:

The deck begins with a series of CONCEPT CARDS. These cards organize the vast amount of information in microbiology into systems, diagramming the various microorganisms that cause disease in each organ system.

MICROORGANISM CARDS These cards comprise the bulk of this product. Each card catalogues a medically important microorganism, detailing its clinical presentation, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment, and other interesting facts. In addition, each card offers some special features to facilitate understanding and recall of the information. These features include the following:
• Title Bars: on both sides, these list the microorganism’s scientifi c name on the left and its common name on the right
• Pictures: on the front side, these highlight distinguishing structural features of the microorganism, schematize its life cycle, or illustrate its pathobiology
• Flow Charts: on the front side, these group the microorganisms based on structure or pathobiology, allowing you to categorize the microorganism at a glance
• Clinical Cases: these simulate the case-based questions found on the USMLE Part 1 exam; each case is placed on the front side to allow self-quizzing and review of the material
• Pathogenesis Icons: on the back side, these icons categorize a microorganism’s mechanism of disease into intuitive groups (the first concept card summarizes all of these icons)
• Study Tips: on the back side, these are composed of quick lists for “high-yield,” bullet-type review We hope that you use these cards energetically and to their utmost—fl ip through them many times to reinforce material, study the pathogenesis sections to understand the mechanisms of disease, and test yourself with the clinical cases. Our experience is that the more you use the cards, the more you will discover and the more you will get out of them!

Lippincott Microcards Microbiology Flash Cards 4th Edition PDF Free Download, Lippincott Microcards Microbiology Flash Cards 4th Edition PDF Ebook Free