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Living Donor Transplantation PDF

Living Donor Transplantation PDF Free Download

Living Donor Transplantation PDF Free Download

The book describes in detail the technical aspects of Living Donor Liver Transplantation (LDLT), the routine practice of the world renowned Liver Transplant Team at Hong Kong’s Queen Mary Hospital, and our views on various issues of the operation. The thorough review on the history and technical procedures of LDLT and discussion on various aspects of the operation and its future perspectives will serve as a unique reference for surgeons, researchers, nurses, medical students, patients and laypersons seeking information on LDLT. This latest edition offers updated operative results from our center and the latest modifications of the technique. With contributions from a leading microvascular surgeon, a critical care clinician, a psychiatrist, and two anesthetists from the same liver transplant team, the LDLT experience at Queen Mary Hospital is depicted in an even greater extent.

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  • Living Donor Transplantation PDF
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