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Lymphatic Filariasis PDF

Lymphatic Filariasis PDF Free Download

Lymphatic Filariasis PDF Free Download

Lymphatic filariasis affect over 40 million people in the sub-saharan region of Africa. Nigeria having the highest burden of LF. The disease results in permanent and long term disability. It affect the quality of life of those affected impairing them not only physically but emotionally and economically. World Health Organizational drew attention to the magnitude of the problem and so launched a Global programme to eliminate LF by 2020. Unfortunately, epidemiological information is still needed on the distribution, clinical signs and intensity of LF in many parts of Nigeria. This book gives essential details on the distribution, morphology, life cycle, pathogenicity, laboratory diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease. This book we assist in the guiding decision makers in executing the current national LF elimination programme in these communities of two LGA’s. It will as well be useful to undergraduate and post graduate students. The readers are requested to write any shortcomings and give suggestions for the improvement of the book. Thanks are due to LAMBERT Academic Publishers LAP for their cooperation and keen interest in the publication of this book.

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  • Lymphatic Filariasis PDF
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