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Male Breast Cancer PDF

Male Breast Cancer PDF Free Download

Male Breast Cancer PDF Free Download

Male breast cancer (MBC) is not common and often misdiagnosed and undertreated. Renowned breast cancer specialist Professor John Boyages provides you with all you need to take control following your diagnosis, treatment, and life after MBC. Learn how to know the difference between “man boobs” and male breast cancer; have the right tests for an earlier diagnosis; avoid under- or overtreatment; and ask your treatment team the right questions. This book will also help you choose treatments for your breast and lymph nodes and deal with stress, anxiety, fatigue, and sexuality during and after treatment. You will understand when chemotherapy is really required, get specific up-to-date information for male breast cancer and avoid pamphlets designed for females, and achieve a more positive state of mind through inspiring and motivating patient stories and key take-home messages.

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