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Management in Physical Therapy Practices 2nd Edition PDF

Management in Physical Therapy Practices 2nd Edition PDF Free Download
Management in Physical Therapy Practices 2nd Edition PDF

Like the authors of many texts, I was driven by my professional experiences to write the first edition of this book. Particularly challenging in my broad range of clinical experiences as a physical therapist and department head, mixed with academic experiences as teacher and program director, were my managerial responsibilities. Equally challenging has been teaching management courses to physical therapy students. The management course is rarely considered the highlight of one’s professional education. Sparking students’ interest in the course is often an important first step. I used the first edition of this text to teach a newly created management course and as a new text in a well-developed course. As expected, there were things that I thought should be improved in the format and organization of the text, and there were things that already needed to be updated because of the rapid changes in the healthcare policies and organizations in the United States. The need for a second edition was evident so that the content could be presented more effectively and clearly. A second edition is also an opportunity to bring the content up to date, and to provide new resources for accurate and relevant information for current managers and students of physical therapy management. Since the first edition, some things have not changed. Many physical therapists continue to transition easily and successfully from clinical to managerial positions. More often than not, however, other physical therapists (and many students) seem to be willing to go to any means to avoid management because of their commitment and interest in direct patient care, or perhaps a fear of the unknown. The second edition continues to recognize that management responsibilities are complex, not for everyone, and remain important for clinicians to understand their work beyond the direct patient care they provide. The second edition continues to provide an introduction to the physical therapist as manager for those whose career plans are to intentionally seek management positions in any healthcare setting. It also provides the reluctant manger or student an opportunity to view the broad range of possibilities for physical therapists as managers that they might not consider otherwise. As clinicians they will be better prepared to see work-related issues from the perspective of the boss or corporate demands. This text is intended to serve as a springboard for the discussion of the physical therapist as manager across all healthcare settings rather than a “how-to” on management. Ideally, the text will provoke conflicting opinions and opposing views so that readers practice making important management decisions with no clear, black-and-white guidelines. The management activities are based on my real-life experiences in a wide variety of healthcare settings—either direct work experiences or discussions with other managers who have shared their experiences. Some of the actual decisions made in these situations had positive outcomes; others did not.

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