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Managerial Epidemiology PDF : Principles and Applications

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Managerial Epidemiology provides a solid balance of baseline materials on epidemiologic methods with a focus on tools and skills required to succeed as a healthcare manager. Logically organized, this first edition centers in on the purpose and focus ‘managerial epidemiology’, thus broadening the definition and scope of Epidemiology from the distribution, spread, and containment of health problems in populations to the planning, organization, and management of health services.
Written specifically for current and future healthcare managers and masters students in Health Administration, this text is designed to develop hands-on, data-driven, analytic management skills. Managerial Epidemiology helps readers understand that epidemiologic data on incidence and prevalence in conjunction with administrative data on cost and quality are necessary to enhance access and delivery of high quality services in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Written with clarity and currency in mind, Managerial Epidemiology provides:
• A logical organization of material, beginning with an overview of the major concepts in epidemiology, before moving on to health services planning, preparedness, and health care management roles and functions
• A clear illustration of how epidemiologic tools are used through examples of data-driven managerial decisions and exercises intended to impart quantitative skills
• Helpful built-in features, including self-tests, case studies or exercises, and key terms in each chapter

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