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Managing the Diabetic Foot PDF

Managing the Diabetic Foot PDF Free Download

Managing the Diabetic Foot PDF Free Download

Foot problems in diabetic patients are some of the mostchallenging complications to treat, due to an often quite latepresentation of symptoms from the patient. Therefore visualrecognition of presenting clinical signs is absolutely key for asuccessful diagnosis and subsequently, the rightmanagement programme. 

The 3rd edition of Managing the Diabetic Foot once againprovides a practical, handy and accessible pocket guide to theclinical management of patients with severe feet problemsassociated with diabetes, such as ulcers, infections andnecrosis.  By focusing on the need for a speedy responseto the clinical signs, it will enable doctorsmake rapid, effective management decisions in orderto help prevent deterioration and avoid the needfor evental foot amputation.

Each chapter focuses specifically on the different stagesof foot disease and the clinical management required at thatparticular stage, ie, the normal foot; high-risk foot,ulcerated foot, infected foot, necrotic foot and unsalvageablefoot.

Full colour throughout, it will feature over 150 clinical photos,numerous hints and tips to aid rapid-reference, as well as thelatest national and international guidelines on diabetic footmanagement.

Managing the Diabetic Foot, 3E, is the ideal go-to clinicaltool for all diabetes professionals, specialist diabetesnurses and podiatrists managing patients withdiabetic foot problems.

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  • Managing the Diabetic Foot PDF
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