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Mastering Orthopedic Techniques Total Knee Arthroplasty PDF

Mastering Orthopedic Techniques Total Knee Arthroplasty PDF Free Download

Mastering Orthopedic Techniques Total Knee Arthroplasty PDF Free Download
Total knee arthroplasty is the first manuscript of the kind aimed to apprise the audience through ‘Mastering Orthopedic Techniques series’. Currently, the orthopedics is undergoing a radical innovation in science and art. Accordingly, orthopedics envisages the requisition of sound technique(s) in the hands of well-trained craftsman in the field. It is more relevant now than ever before. It is imperative to imbibe the fundamentals in order to perfect the technique(s). Participation of a galaxy of distinguished academicians in their respective fields has enriched the contents of each chapter based on their varied experience in orthopedic surgery techniques. Thus the book is an interaction extraordinary of international camaraderie, and represents views from across the globe, thereby amicably fulfilling the purpose for which the series on Mastering Orthopedic Techniques has been launched. A relentless endeavor to perpetuate the same shall be made in the future. It is with great pleasure that I have been asked to write a foreword to Mastering Orthopedic Techniques Total Knee Arthroplasty. Dr Rajesh Malhotra has done an excellent job of organizing this textbook on surgical techniques.

It is even more inspiring to see the number of contributors who hail from the Indian subcontinent. The first chapter “Design Principles” is a topic that has always intrigued me since my days working on the Total Condylar Prosthesis. The next several chapters focus on the surgical treatment of basic arthritic deformities which is the bedrock of adult reconstruction of the knee. Chapters 7 and 8 deal with the management of femoral and tibial bone defects with the use of bone grafts and briefly allude to the newer trabecular metals. The next two chapters describe the technique and debate the merits of cemented and cementless fixation. Chapters 11 through 17 are concerned with specific knee designs and their indications including a chapter discussing the utility of computer navigation. The book closes with five chapters on challenging knee conditions including infection, extra-articular deformity, and periprosthetic fracture. As I have said many times, “The eyes only see what the mind knows.” If you read this book, you will see farther in the operating room than you have seen before.

Mastering Orthopedic Techniques Total Knee Arthroplasty PDF Free Download, Mastering Orthopedic Techniques Total Knee Arthroplasty PDF Ebook Free