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Mastering Pharmacogenomics PDF

Mastering Pharmacogenomics PDF Free Download

Mastering Pharmacogenomics PDF Free Download

Pharmacogenomics, the study of the role of genetics in drug response, has developed into a critical new area in battling disease and improving outcomes. As our knowledge of the human genome grows, and with the advent of next-generation sequencing technologies, the role of genetic research is evolving to guide therapy and prevent many diseases and mitigate side-effects of current treatments. As a pivotal member of the healthcare team, nurses must acquire competency in pharmacogenomics to deliver optimal patient care in the 21st century. Mastering Pharmacogenomics provides nursing professionals with a foundational knowledge of human genetics and genomics that can be applied in optimizing drug therapy and patient care delivery. Coverage includes: essential pharmacogenomics competencies for registered nurses, genomics technologies and resources, critical properties of drug response and disposition, covered specialties include obstetrics and prenatal patients, pediatrics, older adult patients, and oncology, ethics and patient care and future developments in technology and delivery.

  • Mastering Pharmacogenomics PDF Free Download,
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  • Mastering Pharmacogenomics PDF
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