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Maternal-Fetal Evidence Based Guidelines 2nd Edition PDF

Maternal-Fetal Evidence Based Guidelines 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Maternal-Fetal Evidence Based Guidelines 2nd Edition PDF Free Download


To me, pregnancy has always been the most fascinating and exciting area of interest, as care involves not one, but at least two persons—the mother and the fetus—and leads to the miracle of a new life. I was a third-year medical student, when, during a lecture, a resident said: ‘‘I went into obstetrics because this is the easiest medical field. Pregnancy is a physiologic process, and there isn’t much to know. It is simple.’’ I knew from my ‘‘classic’’ background that ‘‘obstetrics’’ means to ‘‘stand by, stay near,’’ and that indeed pregnancy used to receive no medical support at all. After almost 20 years practicing obstetrics, I now know that although physiologic and at times simple, obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine can be the most complex of the medical fields: pregnancy is based on a different physiology than for nonpregnant women, can include any medical disease, require surgery, etc. It is not so simple. In fact, ignorance can kill, in this case with the health of the woman and her baby both at risk.Too often, I have gone to a lecture, journal club, rounds, or other didactic event to hear presented only one or a few articles regarding the subject, without the presenter reviewing the pertinent best review of the total literature and data. It is increasingly difficult to read and acquire knowledge of all that is published, even just in obstetrics, with about 3,000 scientific manuscripts published monthly on this subject. Some residents or even authorities would state at times that ‘‘there is no evidence’’ on a topic. We indeed used to be the field with the worst use of randomized trials (1).

As the best way to find something is to look for it, my coauthors and I searched for the best evidence. On careful investigation, indeed there are data on almost everything we do in obstetrics, especially on our interventions. Indeed, our field is now the pioneer for numbers of meta-analysis and extension of work for evidence-based reviews (2). Obstetricians are now blessed with lots of data, and should make the best use of it. The aims of this book are to summarize the best evidence available in the obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine literature, and make the results of randomized trials and meta-analyses easily accessible to guide clinical care. The intent is to bridge the gap between knowledge (the evidence) and its easy application.

Maternal-Fetal Evidence Based Guidelines 2nd Edition PDF Free Download, Maternal-Fetal Evidence Based Guidelines 2nd Edition PDF Ebook Free